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Amazon Experts : The most complete offer of services for sellers

Whether you need an Amazon specialist for marketing or managing your store, our services are the most complete in Canada.

Thanks to us, vendors who run a shop on Amazon can now get the help of experts who have a mastery of all the legal and marketing aspects of selling on this platform.

Making profits, optimizing keywords, delivering your products, increasing the reputation of your store and meeting Amazon requirements has never been easier with Force Web Management!


Selling on Amazon : our services are your asset to succeed

If you are having difficulty integrating the management of your Amazon shop with your other activities, Force Web Management offers you to attract an account manager who will help you take control of your sales.

During the period that suits you, this Amazon management and marketing specialist will administer all your operations on the platform.

Depending on your needs, he can also serve as a companion for your teams, offer them training and answer their questions.

In short, you benefit the services of a true partner who will help you sell and who will support you in your success on Amazon!

Amazon / Marketing / Fiscalité

Amazon Expert : individual services that ensure your success

Marketing on Amazon – Creating an advertising strategy:

Deploying a strategy is essential in attracting as many customers as possible to your store! To overcome this crucial step, a marketing specialist from Force Web Management will create and manage your Amazon advertising campaign (Amazon ADS).

This strategy will allow you to attract customers from other platforms. Our expert will then optimize your Amazon ADS and improve your web presence naturally, using keywords specially chosen for your products.


Selling on Amazon – Optimization of current product sheets:

To further improve the visibility of your Amazon store, consider improving your product listings: after all, they are responsible for attracting buyers and enabling algorithms position you! The management and marketing specialists of Force Web Management possess all the knowledge required to optimize your listings.

For example, we will analyze the keywords used on these and we will insert terms that are highly sought after by users. We can also generate complete listings with titles, photos and product descriptions specially designed to attract people to your Amazon shop. In short, we do everything possible to make it easier for visitors to find your products, and then convert them into buyers!

Management on Amazon – Evaluation of your dashboard and your operating costs:

Thanks to several tools and software, it is possible to obtain a complete profile of your Amazon shop and even to know your return on investment in real time. Moreover, the Amazon dashboard also provides you with valuable information about your shipping costs, your sales, your merchandise return rate, etc.

Based on all this information, Force Web Management's tax and management specialists can analyze your business and make a number of recommendations that will reduce your operating costs. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of Amazon and taxation, they can advise you, for example, on your investments in advertising or on your inventory management. In short, you get an objective look that will allow you to improve the financial health of your Amazon store and even increase your profit margin!


Taxes on Amazon – Integrated Management of your US Bonds:

Storing products in the United States can be very useful, but it can also be a tricky fiscal melody! For example, for each of the states where your product is located, you will need to add taxes to the price paid by the buyer. And since there are about 2700 different tax rates in the US, let's just say it's easy to get confused!

In order to ensure that your tax system complies with current standards, Force Web Management offers you the services of a certified professional accountant and Amazon specialist. According to your needs, our expert can produce your monthly or quarterly tax reports. With its help, you will be sure to act in conformity and also to pay the right price for your operations!


Amazon Expert in private consultation: because every shop is unique!

Do you wish to meet with a marketing or tax expert to discuss a situation you are concerned about?

Or do you want to create customized training for your employees?

Whatever your request, do not hesitate to contact the Force Web Management team!

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