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Amazon Experts: What Do We Do?

Thanks to our team of specialists in Amazon marketing and management, companies here can finally benefit from knowledge that will open to them the doors to success on the Web.

With absolute tranquility, they can now entrust their online shop to experts who will ensure the development of their business and make sure the sale of their products comply with Amazon regulations.


Our mission : provide a service that will transform your business


Our goal is to ease the lives of companies that sell on Amazon and who, through our expertise, want to raise their performance to another level on the global platform.


Our specialists on Amazon :for your success in e-commerce.


Eric Paul – Strategy and Marketing expert on Amazon, MBA

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Marketing professional, trainer and lecturer, Eric Paul has dedicated himself for several years to the marketing and management of shops on Amazon. He started on the sales platform with his own company and quickly became a shop manager for other Canadian companies. Today, he generates impressive sales figures, while offering a solid support to companies that want to conquer the Amazon market.

With an executive MBA, Eric began his career in key positions in the manufacturing sector. He has worked on several product launch projects, market analysis and sales strategy development. Convinced of the incredible potential offered by e-commerce and the Amazon platform, he then embarked on his shift to online sales. A decision that he obviously does not regret!

Ivelin Demirov - Amazon and Kickstarter Specialist, eCommerce Consultant

Expert in socio-financing and eCommerce, recognized as one of the best Pro Vendors by Amazon, Ivelin Demirov has been sailing in the marketing world for almost 20 years now. In the last decade, he has specialized in sales on major eCommerce platforms, where he is enjoying great success! That is in fact why he has decided to share his expertise with small and large companies that want to improve their online sales.

Ivelin particularly helps entrepreneurs develop their products and improve their positioning on the Web through optimized product listings. He also detains the secrecy to targeted advertising campaigns and manages to efficiently generate traffic on his clients’ pages. A true SEO optimization expert, he is the creator of River Cleaner, an optimization software that makes it easier to manage Amazon stores. Ivelin is also the instigator of the Amazon conference "Boost with FBA", a major event held in New York in 2017.

In addition, for those who want to realize big projects by limiting financial risk, Ivelin is also an expert in socio-financing. With a dozen successful Kickstarter projects under his belt, his advice and support will be more than useful to bring your ideas to life!

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